How I work

By noticing patterns in how you relate to others and realising what you can, and can’t control, you are able to discover more choice, flexibility and ultimately a sense of freedom and peace. 

I work with the present moment, focusing on what you may be experiencing ‘here and now’ and this may include physical sensations that you notice in your body. This allows you to check in with yourself and find a deeper appreciation for your internal needs and desires. 

In life we repeat patterns of behaviour, ways of relating to others that become habit. Together we can be curious about these subtle relational moments (that we normally ignore or make assumptions about), exploring and discovering more about what may be occurring for you at that time. I help you to notice and assess how your responses both serve and restrict you, inviting kindness not blame. 

With this attention to the relationship unfolding between us, you can discover new possibilities and new potential, allowing for new ways to approach relationships that could be more nurturing, fulfilling and more in line with your needs.